LADWA, the ‘Karmbhumi’ (workplace) of District Hisar (Haryana) is glorious by the grace of God since its inception noble, endeavouring and progressive personalities have emerged here. The PANCHAYAT has been very popular in the surrounding region for encouraging fraternity and its justice. In the struggle for freedom, its residents contributed a number of sacrifices and adopting the path of non-violence (Ahimsa) suffered in prisons, Sh. Munshi Ram S/o Kripa Ram Lamba, Sh. Hardayal Singh S/o Sh. Mam Chand, Pd. Sant Lal and Rameshwar Dayal, etc. are some of them.

The villagers, following the tradition of struggle, have been involved in the establishment of Bhartiya Kishan Union and remained active for achieving its goals. Afterwards when the feeling converted into a firm belief that in the present system/scenario the work of directly dressing the wounds is the only way of real demonstration, some struggling members decided for the foundation of a chair. For this, in the first instance a Gaushala (Livestock Asylum) was constructed near the bus-stand of the village Ladwa. The foundation of Gaushala was based on solving the glaring problem management and sheltering especially of bovine. Ever-increasing of bovine, requirement of space and problem of fodder was seriously pondered over and hammered out adroitly after giving thoughtful consideration by the villagers and a plan of constructing the present Gaushala on around 40 acre land of Panchayat was prepared. With the cooperation of neighbouring villages the work of a splendid Gaushala was easily initiated which is still continue. The Gaushala was registered in June, 1992 under Registration Act 1860 vide No.357 in the concerned office at Chandigarh. The responsibility to presided over the first Executive was given to Sh. Balraj.

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